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Learning sometimes happens in big jumps, but mostly in little tiny steps. I share my baby steps of learning here, mostly on topics around programming, programming languages, software engineering, and computing in general. But occasionally, even on other disciplines of engineering or even science. I mostly learn through examples and doing. And this place is a logbook of my experiences in learning something. You may find several things interesting here: little cute snippets of (hopefully useful) code, a bit of backing theory, and a lot of gyan on how learning can be so much fun.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Way to Take Backup!

I took backup of my important data yesterday. I did it in a seemingly roundabout way. I have a machine called karma. And my laptop is named pramaana. There were two purposes of the complete activity:
  1. To take the backup of all the (important) data on my laptop on karma.
  2. To create some space in karma by shifting unnecessary stuff from it.
So, I shifted most of the interesting stuff from karma to pramaana first. And deleted the karma copy. Then I transferred the important data in pramaana to karma in the form of backup, which included my research and thesis directory, my CVS repository, the literature folder which contains the local copies of my blogs and some other things, and the funcoding directory which contains the source of almost all programming that I do.

Some of the backed up data was initially in karma, but I did the roundabout thing of transferring them all to pramaana, then backing them up to karma again.

Well, that would appear a little roundabout. The idea was to create the landscape of data in pramaana first, then decide which one to backup. Now everytime I take backup, the process of taking backup is repeatable.

It didn't appear very straight to Karthik. To me, that was the way to go.
As I remarked, he's an optimisation guy; and anything non-optimal wouldn't appeal him. I am programming guy; and modularity is the thing for me.

We both are true to our trades! :)

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