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Learning sometimes happens in big jumps, but mostly in little tiny steps. I share my baby steps of learning here, mostly on topics around programming, programming languages, software engineering, and computing in general. But occasionally, even on other disciplines of engineering or even science. I mostly learn through examples and doing. And this place is a logbook of my experiences in learning something. You may find several things interesting here: little cute snippets of (hopefully useful) code, a bit of backing theory, and a lot of gyan on how learning can be so much fun.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Training The Trainers -- Infosys Workshop on Industry Oriented Software Engineering

Today I attended the first day of Training The Trainers, a workshop organised by Infosys for teachers of engineering colleges all over Karnataka. The theme of the workshop is `Industry oriented Software Engineering.'

Some stimulating talks were given in the morning. Prof. Srikant mentioned about the war that Industry and Academia always are in about which approach to learning computer science is right: Theory oriented foundational way as the academia would have it, or the industry oriented practical way as the Industry would have it. Obviously, as always such discussions will end with a suggestion to take some kind of elusive middle path. In reality, that only means that it's too early to end the war.

In spite of global competition, especially from China, Brazil, and many East European countries, India's prospects as a leading provider for Software services to the world seems to be optimistic, going by some authoritative report.

Infosys seems to be doing some cool job, and they seem to be having an upper hand in what they call the Global Delivery Model (GDM).

Out of all the talks, only two are from academia. One happened today by Dr. Deepak D'Souza on Verification. One is tomorrow. That's by me! :) I will speak about 'Specification Based Software Testing.'

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