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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Installing beamer

The beamer class for making stylish latex presentations is available here. Once the tar.gz file is downloaded and untarred. In the doc/ directory, the beameruserguide.pdf describes in detail the installation process. The salient points are reproduced here:

Switch user to root.
In the texmf directory (in my case it was /usr/share/texmf/)(and let's call it $(texmfdir), find directory tex/.
in tex/, find directory latex/. If it's not there create it.
cd latex/
mkdir beamer/
mkdir xcolor/
mkdir pgf/

Copy all files in the beamer directory (created on untarring the tarball) to:

Find pgf package on your machine. If it is not there, download from here.

tar -xvzf pgf-1.00.tar.gz

Switch user to root.
Copy all files in the pgf-1.00 to $(texmfdir)/tex/latex/pgf/

Similarly download the xcolor package from here.

cd xcolor/

As per the installation instructions found in README, do the following:
latex xcolor.ins

Switch user to root.
cp *.sty $(texmfdir)/tex/latex/xcolor/
cp *.def $(texmfdir)/tex/latex/xcolor/
mkdir $(texmfdir)/dvips/xcolor
cp *.pro $(texmfdir)/dvips/xcolor

Finally update the tex database by:

That's it. You should be ready to go!


Carlos said...


Amine said...
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Amine said...
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Amine said...

I have some trouble finding the file "texmf", I looked everywhere but I don't find it.
any help will be very much appreciated.

Dominik said...

Just a random comment: if one is not sure whether beamer is installed or not, try:
kpsewhich beamer.cls

If you are not sure where to copy the beamer files (e.g. where is texmf root) try kpsewhich on some file that is installed for sure